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Creating Real Connections

What is MajiConnection 

MajiConnection is an innovation hub that facilitates connections between the islands of Hawaii and Japan to solve enormous problems unique to islands, such as flood risk, ocean and beach pollution, high-aging, the high cost of energy, being a single export market, and the lack of available resources, using both tech and non-tech solutions.  


We also provide support and advice to small and medium-size businesses including startups and local companies to help them expand their business or enter other markets (the U.S to Japan or Japan to the U.S). We also offer tailored events and guest speakers curated from experienced connections MajiConnection has in both Japan and the U.S to bring a fuller, more in-depth experience to each client’s event.



Connecting communities and innovations


Connecting communities and innovations

Our goal is to help entrepreneurs turn their own ideas and visions into successful companies with networking guidance regardless of their size, history, and location. 


As a results-driven organization, we are constantly looking for ambitious and visionary partners with the drive and flexibility to take their company to the next level.




Event organizing

MajiConnection excels at organizing events both on and offline and is able to provide the schedule, guest speakers, marketing, and event support. Read more about previous projects below.


Using prior experience and connections to key business leaders, MajiConnection is able to perform in-depth market research to aid clients in strategic planning for their businesses.

Reference & Introduction 

MajiConnection is a well-known name among startup communities, which opens the door to the formation of new connections and partnerships between clients and other businesses and startups. 

Language support 
English and Japanese

A service MajiConnection can offer in connection to an event or separately is language translation and support.

Takaho Iwasaki

Founder / CEO


Takaho Iwasaki was raised in Kagoshima, which is southeast of Kyushu island. Her family has run a tourism business for four generations, so she has been immersed in business & tourism since she was born. 

Takaho established MajiConnection in 2019 to help Japanese startups to expand their business to the U.S market beginning in Hawaii and with startups in Hawaii. Startups in Hawaii are able to connect with Takaho’s unique network of Japanese investors and corporate partners to expand their business from Hawaii into Japan.

Before she established Majiconnection, Takaho worked at one of the biggest Japanese media companies, Fuji television network in Tokyo, where she further developed her communication and business skills, before deciding to diversify her skills internationally while getting her MBA at the University of Hawaii. 


She is also a founder of "Island Innovation Demo Day" which introduces Hawaii's startups specifically to Japanese investors, corporations, and markets. 

What Takaho likes?

Anime, Manga, drinking, eating, games (Final Fantasy 7), and Neon Genesis Evangelion.



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